Classic Dry Mass Pack – BIOTEQ LABS – TURINABOL 8 weeks


This pack does not include the samarin protection, we recommend that you buy it separately.

An ideal 8-week cure for gaining quality lean mass with Turinabol oral steroids. Pack designed, tested and approved by the expert team!





Product socket:

  • Take 7 Turinabol 10mg = 70mg per day.
  • Take 4 Samarin per day. (Not included in the pack)
    We recommend that you take liver protection. In order to benefit from better rates, we have not included this product. You can buy it easily in pharmacies or on our site if you wish.

Due to the half-life of the anabolic steroid Turinabol, advisors recommend starting your boost the day after you last took Turinabol.

  • For recovery, take 2 Clomid a day for 20 days
  • For recovery, take 1 Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) daily for 20 days

TURINABOL Dry Mass Gain treatment table (8 weeks)

WeekturinabolSamarinNolvadexClomid 1 to 8 70mg per day 4 tabs per day 9 to 11 25mg per day 50mg per day


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