Hexarelin 2mg 1 vial Euro Pharmacies


Hexarelin is a synthetic compound of six amino acids capable of releasing GH in animals and humans. Its mechanism of action is not understood and little is known about the GH response after repeated administration. The purpose of this study was to determine the GH response to the administration of two intravenous boluses of hexarelin, growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) or hexarelin with GHRH.



The main effects of hexarelin include increasing strength, growing new muscle fibers, improving the condition of vessels, reducing fat mass. Medically, hexarelin can be used to treat diseases induced by growth hormone deficiency. This drug has proven to be a great wound healer and can be administered as a versatile anabolic and for the purpose of stimulating endogenous GH secretion inhibited with the use of synthetic GH. In other words, where synthetic growth doesn't increase the body's ability to produce more GH, hexarelin does.


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